Multiple Metrics, Infinite Insights

Askuity Customer Success
By Askuity Customer Success
Oct 07 2016


The POS data you gather from your retail partners is displayed in Askuity as a number of different metrics: Sales Dollars, Sales Units, Units On Hand, Margin % and Average Price to name a few. Each metric on its own provides insightful trending analysis. To arrive at a deeper understanding of the data it is helpful to view multiple metrics simultaneously in order to understand the interplay that exists between them. Enter Askuity Multiple Metrics.

Askuity’s users can now plot the trend lines for any two metrics on Sales Overview to gain a more thorough and comprehensive view of in-store activity. 

Experimenting with pricing? Plot Average Price and Sales Dollars to understand how pricing impacts sales.

Notice a dip in Sales for a particular SKU? Overlay Average Price or On Hand Inventory to find the root cause.

Seeing a surprise spike in sales in a particular market? Compare it to Units Sold and Average Price to identify a promotion or price change you weren’t aware of.

Askuity Multiple Metrics will go Live next week. Stay tuned for an email from your Customer Success Manager notifying you of the change. We encourage you to play with the options and see exactly what insights you gain. And take a look at the Best Practices article for additional use cases for Multiple Metrics. 


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