In-store or online, Askuity is your brand's single solution for retail sales enablement and profitable insights.

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Your Data, Your Way.

Automatically consolidate all of your retail point of sale data in the Askuity platform to produce insightful dashboards and customizable sales reports.

Take the headache out of data management, and spend your valuable time where it matters most - growing your business.

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Boost Sales With Greater Insight.

Askuity enables sales by highlighting the most important trends in your sales data and uncovering the opportunities to optimize merchandise assortment by region.

And with the Askuity mobile app for Android and iOS, field teams are empowered with up-to-date business information to drive greater results at store-level.

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Optimize Promotional ROI.

Create promotional plans within Askuity to easily calculate sales lift and accurately measure the success of past promotions.

Whether tracking a new product launch or measuring promotional ROI, Askuity helps teams to uncover their most valuable promotions and optimize marketing spend.

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Plan Ahead To Get Ahead.

Are markdowns and out-of-stocks negatively impacting your business?

With automated inventory reporting and integrated forecasting and budgeting, Askuity helps to avoid costly markdowns and reclaim lost sales due to inventory issues. By analyzing historical POS data, Askuity reveals the historical ebbs and flows of your business and points you in the most profitable direction.

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Every company can benefit from better business visibility.
See how Askuity boosts productivity for greater insights and stronger sales.

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What people are saying

The companies honored by Branham are young, creative and innovative, and are typically on the verge of monumental revenue growth. We believe Askuity will be successful.

Branham Group

We found Askuity’s user friendly interface and powerful toolset was best suited to get fast, meaningful snapshots of our current situation with our retailers.

Project Manager,
H. Paulin & Co.

After a year with Askuity, our team members received an award for most improved forecasting accuracy at our National Sales Meeting.

Director of Sales,