The Askuity Mobile App: Show & Tell for Store Visits

Askuity Customer Success
By Askuity Customer Success
Aug 11 2016

Three Ways to Drive Value with Mobile


Remember Show & Tell from childhood? You brought your baseball card collection (or sticker or stamp collection) to school and sold your classmates on the idea that your collection was the greatest. It worked because you were able to prove your point with hard visual facts. It might have even been your first taste of selling. Askuity’s Mobile App is like Show & Tell for product manufacturers selling into the retail channel. Standing in the aisle with a captive audience you have to make your point with compelling evidence as quickly and effectively as possible. Here are some techniques that you might want to consider on your next store visit:

1) Identify a top seller in your category that isn’t performing well in that particular store

Initiate a conversation with the store manager regarding that SKU. Scan the barcode or search for the SKU on the app and point out that the performance in that store is not reflective of the performance banner wide or compared to similar stores in the area. Friendly competition exists between stores. Managers like to know how their store stacks up. Highlight potential causes for the difference and transition the discussion to solutions.

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2) Highlight a promotion that was successful in order to expand it banner wide

Make an appointment to meet your MVP (Merchandising Vice President)  in a store that features the promotion. Meet next to the display and pull up the sales data for the promotion in that store on the Askuity Mobile App. You invested a significant amount of time, money and marketing resources into this promotion and the results are right there in plain site on your smartphone or tablet. Now, discuss the next set of stores you want to include in the program.

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3) Identify Slow Moving Products

Shelf space comes at a premium and it’s an endless battle to maintain it. Identifying slow-moving products early and demonstrating a willingness to make recommendations in the best interest of the retailer will propel you ahead of the competition and save your shelf space. When you identify the problem SKU, schedule an in-store meeting with your buyer. Scan the barcode with the Askuity Mobile App and discuss the issues that might have led to the poor performance. Recommend a potential replacement and provide evidence from the app that supports your claim that the replacement SKU will be a “Star”. Get ahead of your buyer, advise with facts, and protect your shelf space from your competitors. Show them why you’re the Category Champion.

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Askuity’s Mobile App provides the “Show” to go along with your thoughtful “Tell”. Our customers use the web application to prioritize which stores to visit, making the most of their time. The mobile app turns POS data into portable, accessible and factual evidence to be used when the moment presents itself in store. Leave the laptop and spreadsheet-filled binders in the car. Everything you need to be a sales leader is on your phone with the Askuity Mobile App.


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