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Askuity connects retailers and product suppliers with insight and analytics for improved collaboration, planning and retail execution.

No more cumbersome spreadsheets. No more archaic reporting systems. No more missed opportunities.

Askuity. See What’s in Store.

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"We believe that this will become a foundational tool in becoming category management partners with our retail accounts.”
- Senior National Account Manager, National Gypsum

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“We found Askuity’s user friendly interface and powerful toolset was best suited to get fast, meaningful snapshots of our current situation with our retailers.”
- Project Manager, H.Paulin & Co

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“In place of complex spreadsheets Askuity provides easy-to-use, persuasive visualizations that allow us to make better decisions with data."
- Business Insights Manager, Ingersoll Rand

The Askuity Retail Intelligence Platform

Askuity turns big data into big opportunities by connecting retailers and product vendors with actionable insights and visibility. Askuity combines secure, automated retail point-of-sale data sharing with easy-to-use, powerful retail intelligence, analytics tools and mobile technology to enable retailers and product manufacturers to improve their joint business.


Self-Service Analytics and Visualizations for Business Users.

Big data can lead to big headaches if you don’t have the right tools. Deriving actionable information from spreadsheets or tabular reports of retail sell-through and inventory data is time-consuming and cumbersome. Off-the-shelf BI tools are expensive to customize and difficult to use. Reports and templates provided by internal or external analysts are inflexible. Designed to be used by business users, Askuity’s data visualization and retail intelligence tools put the power of insights back in the hands of the people who need to act on them.

Store and Product-Level

You win the war at retail by winning the store-by-store battles. But how can you compete without store-level information and insights? Askuity is designed from the SKU and store level up, enabling users to get as granular as they want to understand exactly what’s happening at shelf. Askuity is your eyes-in-the-aisle at retail.

Built-In Retail Intelligence and Smart Alerts

Askuity pulls insights from the POS data for you through user-configurable alerts and reports, saving you time and ensuring that you’re focusing on what’s important. Try doing that with spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Integrated Budgeting and Marketing

What kind of lift did I get from my recent in-store promotion? How did my competitor’s price drop affect my sales? How are we tracking against budget and what do we need to do to make up lost ground? Askuity makes it easy to integrate promotional calendars and budget metrics to provide the valuable context needed to understand key drivers.

Real-Time Retail Execution

Askuity puts information at your fingertips when you’re in-store.

Scan one of your product UPCs with your smartphone or tablet and instantly get that store’s sell-through, on-hand and on-order inventory information. Easily compare it to other stores nearby to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Identify opportunities. Fix problems. Take action. Askuity powers smarter retail execution by giving you the insights and information that you need to make the right decisions. Learn More


Join the Retail Analytics Revolution

Meet some of the companies who are harnessing the power of retail analytics with the Askuity Retail Intelligence Platform.


Askuity was architected with confidentiality and security in mind. All data is transferred and stored securely in our cloud platform. Individual retailer and vendor data is completely isolated which means there’s no way for confidential information to be shared with unauthorized parties. Askuity supports robust role level security allowing you to control who sees what within your own organization.

No Software Required

Askuity is a pure Software-as-a-Service cloud solution, meaning that no hardware or software is required. Whether you’re a retailer or product vendor, we can conveniently aggregate all of your data for you without the need for custom software or expensive IT integration.


Big Data does not have to mean Big Wait Times for users as your systems churn through terabytes of data. Askuity has been built for speed, using the latest Big Data technologies to ensure that the information you need to run your business is always at your fingertips.

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