The Ultimate Guide to
Selling at Sephora

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Together with respected guest experts Kelly Kovack from and Veronica Gledhill from Burn Bright, we’ll be dissecting the fascinating world of Sephora to equip you with strategies and insider tips on how to get, stay, and succeed in this beauty giant.
  • Starting from your pitch all the way to your line reviews, we’ll teach you how to impress Sephora merchants by articulating a strong story that encompasses digital, marketing, and sales numbers.
  • Learn a new language: one of the most fascinating things about Sephora is their internal language. We’ll reveal secret words and phrases and help you speak to Sephora like a pro.
  • What NOT to do. We will share some common mistakes that beauty brands make when dealing Sephora.
  • Presented By:

    Kelly Kovack

    Founder and CEO,

    Marsha Druker

    Marketing Manager,