Askuity Webinar

Rising to the Occasion: The Results of the 2016 Point of Sale Data Survey

Thursday, November 3rd 1:30-2:00PM EDT

In today’s competitive retail environment, with growing pressure on retailers to get more out of their brick and mortar stores, retail buyers are increasingly looking to product vendors to use shared point of sale data to help grow retail sales, improve margins and ultimately become trusted category advisors.

Join us on Thursday November 3rd as we present our findings from Askuity's first annual Point of Sale Data Survey. During this session, we will be presenting the key highlights from this year's survey, including unpublished findings which expose the top areas of improvement for specific categories such as CPG, Beauty, Fashion, DIY and Electronics.

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Report Highlights:

Not a level playing field. From brands that don’t even ask their retailers for data, to those who have invested in advanced analytics capabilities, some brands are well ahead of their competitors in their use of retail POS data.

Beware the data silo. Brands that limit data and insights to ‘power users’ in the company rather than enabling the broader team are less likely to bring value-added insights to buyer meetings, leaving them potentially exposed.

Room for improvement. A strong majority of brands at every level of sophistication feel that they can be doing more with their POS data than they currently are.