"Several key members of the Askuity team had actually been product suppliers with experience at the corporate and in-store level. The team was well ahead of the curve in understanding the business dynamics and challenges we face each day in selling to this key strategic channel."

Senior National Account Manager

National Gypsum Company

National Gypsum Company

National Gypsum Company is one of the leading gypsum board manufacturers in the world, producing products in 21 plant locations across the United States. NGC’s top brands include Gold Bond®, ProForm® and PermaBase®, which are available at a variety of major retailers across North America.

Gypsum Board

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The business challenge

Manufacturers in the home improvement industry face a common problem when it comes to sorting through and understanding the massive amounts of data generated through point-of-sale systems at the major Home Improvement retailers. With increasing demands on space, a need for organic growth, and a heavy focus on inventory productivity, the old adage of “stack it high and let it fly” no longer applies to this channel. NGC was looking for an all-encompassing solution to take advantage of the valuable POS and inventory data coming from their top retail accounts, but there was simply not enough resource bandwidth to build a comprehensive solution in-house.


NGC is making the transition from “drowning” in data - with no easy way focus on key indicators - to being able to drill down and see key performance indicators at a very granular level. By taking advantage of consolidated data and greater business visibility, NGC is able to see where products are performing well, where they are not, and then draw conclusions that drive critical business decisions. Askuity allows NGC to better manage unproductive inventory in their stores, as well as draw more data-driven conclusions about where they need a greater share of the shelf.


After getting started with Askuity, the NGC field team spends 90% less time on store-level data collection. Thanks to Askuity's mobile technology, the NGC sales team is committing more time to their highest-priority stores and uncovering best practices from their top performing stores to guide merchandising decisions across their key accounts.

time savings

Case Study Insights

Business Visibility

NGC is now taking advantage of greater business visibility to be more focused in the field and ensure that the sales team is spending more time on the issues that really matter.

Consolidated Data

NGC's data is now automatically consolidated in the Askuity platform, freeing up significant time for the sales team to build stronger relationships with their retail partners.

Sales Wins

With Askuity, NGC takes full advantage of store-level data to find the winning strategies from top stores and apply these merchandising insights across all of their retail outlets.

Greater Communication

Now that NGC is taking full advantage of point-of-sale data, they are having more meaningful discussions with their buyers to nurture the relationship and enable mutual success.