"Askuity has improved our forecasting by providing easy-to-use data and new metrics to the process of sales and demand planning. After a year with Askuity, our team members received an award for most improved forecasting accuracy at our National Sales Meeting. The accounts that use Askuity to analyze their point of sale data have demonstrated much higher forecasting accuracy than comparable accounts."

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ITW Global Brands

ITW Global Brands

ITW Global Brands, a division of Illinois Tool Works, is the manufacturer and marketer of industry-leading brands such as RainX, Black Magic, Permatex, Gumout, Fast Orange, Slime, and Spray Nine, among others. Their products can be found in most retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Autozone.

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The business challenge

With more competition than ever in the retail space, smart suppliers are focused on delivering a positive brand experience to their consumers throughout the entire buying process. ITW provides best-in-class service by ensuring that retail customers are in stock and their products are on the shelf at all times. And to keep its retail customers amply supplied, ITW Global Brands’ demand planning team relies on point-of-sale and inventory data to efficiently manage inventory and reduce costly out of stocks.


Since adopting the Askuity platform, the ITW team has seen a significant improvement in forecast accuracy with their key retail accounts, allowing the ITW Global Brands division to grow sales, reduce out of stocks, and improve retail scorecard results. In addition, Askuity’s ability to highlight sales and promotional insights is helping ITW improve communication and collaboration - not only between internal departments, but also with buyers at their key retail accounts.

#1 Most Improved Forecasting Accuracy

Case Study Insights

Accurate Forecasting

ITW is harnessing its point of sale data to support demand planning and inventory management across stores and regions, ensuring that they are prepared to keep their products on-shelf at all times and avoid costly out-of-stocks.

Retail Relationships

ITW's sales team is better prepared for buyer meetings and line reviews, using tailored reports to contribute meaningful insights that support sales and margin growth, while building rapport with their key retail buyers.

Inter-Departmental Collaboration

With Askuity, ITW's sales and marketing teams are able to collaborate around point of sale data to monitor sell-through trends, ensuring products are performing as expected across their various retailers.

Award Winning Insights

With the help of Askuity, the ITW Global Brands team was recently recognized at their National Sales Meeting for having the most improved forecasting accuracy.