Announcing Sales Planning
& Marketing Measurement

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched a new feature in Askuity to help sales and marketing teams better track their sales plans and gain deeper insights into their promotional activity.

Join us on Thursday February 18th or Friday February 19th for a comprehensive walkthrough of the new Planning & Measurement tool with our Customer Success Team. We're excited to showcase how this feature will help your team and we look forward to your valued input and feedback!

Sales Planning

With Askuity's latest Sales Planning feature, you can now create a sales plan for the upcoming year and seamlessly track your progress against plan throughout the year. And with the ability to create an unlimited number of plans for products, brands, and retailers - it's never been easier to track your team's performance.

POS cross retailer reporting

Marketing Measurement

With the launch of Marketing Measurement, Askuity now offers the ability to accurately calculate sales lift for your various marketing campaigns and product promotions. This new feature includes the ability to input budget spend and target sales lift, allowing users to quickly visualize marketing ROI in real time.

POS data to reduce OOS