The Vendor Portal Headache

For brands and product suppliers in the retail space, it's no secret that retail data is often fragmented and difficult to work with. The issue is that most retailers share data in their own unique format - oftentimes sharing data using proprietary vendor portals. And for product suppliers selling into these retailers, vendor portals can be difficult to use and far too time consuming.

To relieve this issue, software companies have entered the market to improve speed-to-insights and automatically download and format portal data. Whether data is coming from Portals, EDI feeds, or Excel documents, these new cloud-based technologies are improving the workflow for suppliers and allowing them save valuable time each week.

Askuity's POS data platform is specifically designed to help product suppliers extract greater insights from their retail data, regardless of data source. Best yet, the Askuity platform replaces clunky spreadsheets by providing point of sale analytics and simplified reporting without ever having to sign into a vendor portal again.

Solving Your Vendor Portal Challenges
with Askuity

Cross-Retailer Reporting

Automatically consolidate point-of-sale data for each of your retailers - whether that be from vendor portals, EDI feeds, or spreadsheets. Askuity turns once messy data into actionable insights, so that you always know how your business is performing across the board.

vendor portal cross-retailer reporting

On-Shelf Availability

With store-level visibility, Askuity indicates when and where you are out-of-stock. And with SKU-level detail, Askuity provides actionable insights into seasonality and turn rates - keeping your products on shelf where they belong.

OSA improvement vendor portal downloads

There’s An App For That

With an intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android, Askuity allows you to take real-time data with you wherever you go. Whether you’re in store or off-site, your data is always available when you need it most.

vendor portal aggregation

User Configured Reporting

Don’t spend hours formatting data and building complex pivot tables. Askuity automatically collects data from any source, to build insightful reports that cater to every business need.

access retail vendor portals

Product & Store Groups

Askuity’s unique tagging feature allows you to easily group products and stores however you'd like. Whether grouping pilot stores for a new product launch, or grouping SKUs into product lines, data is structured to fit your needs.

portal downloads vs EDI

Optimized Promo Execution

Askuity overlays point-of-sale data with promotional activity, so it’s easy to see which promotions have provided the most lift and which regions are most engaged. Easily track your promotional ROI and uncover your best promotions.

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