Fast, Flexible Reporting

Reporting on Askuity is designed with flexibility and performance in mind. With potentially thousands of products across thousands of stores and hundreds of attributes, account teams have the ability to easily generate customizable reports without the help of a database administrator or Excel wizard.

Exploratory Analytics

Understanding the ‘why’ behind the numbers is critical to continued retail success. With Askuity, your team can easily drill into the details - even right down to the store and SKU level - allowing your team to make compelling data-backed recommendations that your buyers will want to listen to.

Connected Field Sales

With variability between selling stores, quantitative POS data can only reveal so much. Askuity Connect facilitates the easy collection of in store qualitative data gathered by field teams, helping sales managers and executives understand whether their field strategies and tactics are a success.

"The biggest thing is that Askuity allows you to see what’s happening in a very visual way, without a lot of technical expertise. Most importantly, conversations with merchants have elevated ever since we began using Askuity."

VP Sales, Homewerks International

Field Insights withAskuity Connect®

Scan In Store

Scan any barcode and Askuity will instantly pull up sales and inventory metrics for the store that you are currently visiting.

Empower Field Reps

Field teams leverage Askuity to prioritize store visits and measure the impact of their in-store initiatives.

Schedule Field Events

Easily schedule events for your field team and allow your reps to check in and out of stores as they complete store visits.

Connect with Your Field Team

Reps can share photos and notes from store visits, with the unique ability to comment/like/reply to posts shared by your field team.

"With Askuity, you can give a clear picture of top performers when you speak to buyers so they can make the best choices about feature space, promotions, and their planograms. You can build excitement by pointing out the wins quickly, so you’re top of mind in their decision making.”

Global Sales Director, Dapple

Dashboards and Scorecards

Easy-to-read, user configurable dashboards and scorecards that enable team members to stay on top of the retailers, products and metrics that matter most to them. At-a-glance health checks that can identify challenges or opportunities that require further investigation.

Compelling Visualizations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether crafting a buyer presentation to secure that new promotional opportunity or new product listing, or communicating with the executive team internally, Askuity provides intuitive and configurable visualization tools that help you get your story across in a compelling way.

Sales Planning and Promotional Measurement

You can’t fix what you don’t measure. Askuity enables your team to quickly and easily create tailored sales and promotional plans at any level, be it at the product, regional, territory or retailer level. Askuity then automatically updates these plans with actual point-of-sale results, allowing you to track against goals and course correct in real time.

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