What you get with Askuity

Business Plan

  • Retailer Data Sync (EDI, Portals and Spreadsheets)
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Ad Hoc Analytics
  • Regional Analytics
  • Configurable Sales & Inventory Reports
  • Askuity Mobile for iOS & Android
  • Product Master Management

Add Ons

  • + Askuity Connect™ (Field Team Management)
  • + Additional Users
  • + Historical Data

Frequently Asked Questions

Askuity helps brands to grow sales by uncovering opportunities hidden in their POS and inventory data. By highlighting outliers on a product and store-level basis, Askuity pinpoints which areas of the business are under-optimized so that teams can take action and drive meaningful sales growth.

Askuity calculates large amounts of data (including historical data) that Excel cannot easily manage without crashing or slowing down significantly. While Excel is a great tool for point analysis, it does not support the kind of team-wide analytics that leads to more effective sales teams and better decision making.

Yes, historical data can be uploaded and stored in Askuity for a minimal annual fee per retailer.

No, setup and training associated with Askuity are already included in the subscription plans above.

It is our experience that most brands’ data sets are well within the limits of the Business Plan above. However, if data sets are unusually large then an additional monthly fee may apply.

Yes, all Askuity subscriptions are billed annually because all up-front setup and training costs are included in the subscription fee.

Yes it is. Askuity works with companies of all sizes, including emerging brands and large global corporations. To accommodate the needs of emerging brands, Askuity offers SMB pricing for small-to-medium sized companies with less than $3MM in wholesale sales at any given retailer.

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