Maximizing Sell-Through For Greater Results

Sell-through - also known as sell thru or ST% - is an important metric that can make the difference between a successful relationship with your retailer and losing valuable shelf space to your competitors. The industy's best brands have realized that while it’s important to have a consistent stream of inventory shipping out of the warehouse, it’s equally important to maintain that same sell-through momentum in store.

Fashion, beauty and luxury brands are now turning to technology solutions to gain a deeper understanding of how products are selling from one week to the next. And for these top brands, sell-through tracking is the first step in making sure that markdowns don't impact profits at the end of the season.

To stay on top of their wholesale business, leading brands are using software platforms like Askuity to track sell-through rates for individual products and by categories such as colour, style and size. By taking advantage of sell-through analytics, these brands are now able to react before it's too late - ensuring a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with their wholesale and retail partners.

Maximizing Sell Through
with Askuity

Complete Visibility

Askuity automatically collects data from each of your wholesalers and presents this data in a fast, user-friendly application. Turn messy data into actionable insights, so that you always know how your business is performing across the board.

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There’s An App For That

With an intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android, Askuity allows you to take real-time data with you wherever you go. Whether you’re in store or off-site, your data is always available when you need it most.

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Analyze By Color, Style and Size

Askuity provides the granularity you need to see what’s hot and what’s not. Uncover which trends are leading the way, with the ability to analyze product performance by color, style or size.

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Simplified Reporting For Greater Insights

Launching a new style? Running a promotion across multiple wholesalers? Having trouble with mark downs? Askuity has a report for every business need, helping to guide your most important business decisions.

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Clunky Is Out Of Style

Spreadsheets are for accountants - Askuity is for everyone else. The Askuity platform is built using the latest cloud technology for fast results and beautiful data visualizations - highlighting the insights that allow your company to grow.

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Optimize Assortments By Region and Wholesaler

For top brands, one size never fits all. Askuity organizes data by store and region, informing your most important assortment and merchandising decisions. And with Askuity’s insightful heatmap view, you’ll have all the intelligence you need to grow sales each and every season.

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