The Smart Sell 

Making The Case For Analytics In Retail

Join Patrick Forbes, Director of Sales at Askuity and sales consultant, David Priemer, as we discuss why analytics is so important, how you can convince your team to invest in a solution, and explore how other companies are leveraging analytics to increase their retail sales.

  • Why does your team need a retail analytics solution? Find out how a retail analytics enablement solution will help you and your team grow sales and succeed in your key accounts.
  • How you can sell analytics internally. We’ll discuss how to pitch to your internal decision makers by telling a compelling story.
  • Examples you can learn from. Why other companies are using a retail analytics tool and how they convinced their teams to get on board.

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And prepare to learn more about why and how you should think about investing in a retail analytics solution

David Priemer

Founder and Chief Sales Scientist
Cerebral Selling

David is the Founder and Chief Sales Scientist of Cerebral Selling where he trains and consults sales and executive teams. Prior to Cerebral Selling, David was a former VP of Sales at Influitive and VP of Commercial Sales at Salesforce.

Patrick Forbes

Director of Sales

Patrick has extensive experience working with brands selling into national retail. He understands and appreciates the importance of analytics in today’s evolving retail landscape. Patrick has seen numerous use cases where retail data has driven change at the intersection of the vendor-merchant relationship.

Sarah Adams


Sarah Adams is an avid follower of retail trends and a Marketing and Communications Manager at Askuity. With a background in marketing and public relations, Sarah has helped launch national and global brand campaigns.