Planning for 2019 in Home Improvement

Are you a home improvement vendor who’s in the midst of planning for 2019 and ahead? Join home improvement industry expert, Grant Farnsworth, of The Farnsworth Group and the Askuity team as we reveal how macro drivers, buyer and purchase behavior, and internal data trends will contribute to a stellar 2019 plan.

During the 30 minute session we will explore the following industry trends and data points:

  • Macro Drivers Affecting Home Improvement: Household Growth, Home Sales, Median Home Value
  • Buyer & Purchase Behaviour: Consumer Confidence, Purchase Location, Annual Purchases by Category, Online vs. In-Store, and Homeowner/Consumer Product Revenue Forecast
  • Internal Data Trends Hidden In Your POS Performance: Product Promotion Trends, Regionality Trends, Category Growth Trends

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And prepare to learn how to plan effectively for 2019

Grant Farnsworth

Director of Business Strategy
Farnsworth Group

As Director of Business Strategy at The Farnsworth Group, Grant has managed research projects for manufacturing and retail customers in the building and home improvement industry for over 15 years. He has also has established himself as a thought-leader in the industry via his contributions to organizations like Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing and the Home Improvement Research Institute.

Sarah Adams


Sarah Adams is an avid follower of retail trends and a Marketing and Communications Manager at Askuity. With a background in marketing and public relations, Sarah has helped launch national and global brand campaigns.