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Insider Secrets:5 Tips From a Former Target Buyer

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Trade secrets from guest expert Daria Dolnycky, a retail buying expert. Formerly a Target buyer and CPG marketer, Daria is now a consultant at Deloitte.
  • How to leverage POS and inventory data to present your products as a business case to buyers. You’ll learn how to prove the value of your brand and show that you are a true business partner.
  • Tips for how to leverage e-commerce to get your foot in the door of major retailers (whether you’re an emerging or an established brand).
  • What NOT to do. Daria will share some common mistakes that brand manufacturers make when dealing with retail buyers.

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Leveraging Experience From:

Presented By:

Daria Dolnycky

Senior Manager, Category Management Practice, Deloitte

Marsha Druker

Marketing Manager, Askuity