Finding Opportunities In Your Category

The Home Improvement Edition

In today’s Home Improvement category, simply selling is no longer enough. Join the team at Askuity and former Home Depot Buyer, Colleen Martin, as we discuss the importance of category management in differentiating your brand. Here’s what you can expect to learn in the 30-minute session:

  • How category management can help your brand stand out
  • Leveraging data to become a true category expert, offering insights to your retail partners
  • Identify whitespace and develop executable strategies in your seasonal categories and make it easy for your buyers to say “yes”.
  • Real-life scenarios that illustrate the effectiveness of category management when dealing with difficult buyers at retailers like The Home Depot , Lowe’s and Canadian Tire.

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And prepare to learn how effective category management can fuel your growth

Colleen Martin

Former Buyer at The Home Depot & Canadian Tire, Retail Consultant at
Binc Initiatives

Founder of Binc Initiatives, former Category Manager/Merchant at Canadian Tire & Home Depot Canada, Colleen is a Retail Transformation Consultant. She has over 10 years of experience consulting CPG companies, helping them transform, launch & grow their businesses at retailers of all shapes & sizes using category management principles.

Christopher Di Grazia


Host of popular retail podcast – Retail Ramblings, Chris is in tune with the current trends impacting retail today. Chris is part of the team at Askuity, an analytics software platform that helps brands turn complex retail data into actionable insights and better business results.