Ex-Target Buyer Speaks

Storytelling and Data

In today’s retail world, buyers are increasingly short of both time and bandwidth. Phil Chang of retailPhil will be exploring how to keep your buyers educated, engaged and impressed through effective storytelling backed by data. What you can expect to learn in the 20 minutes:

  • Method: The bare minimum you need to cover with your buyer to make sure your meeting won’t be a complete failure
  • Magic: How your brand can assist your buyers achieve their goals through value added initiatives
  • Madness: What you can do to ‘surprise and delight’ your buyer, solidifying your status as a forward thinker and trusted advisor

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And prepare to learn how to run more effective buyer meetings


Phil Chang

Former Target Buyer, Retail Consultant, Speaker, Writer, Strategist

Founder of retailPhil, former Buyer at Target, and Senior Manager at Johnson & Johnson, Phil is a Retail Sherpa. Consulting with brands and retailers to address major pain points, Phil optimizes the businesses he works with to help maximize profit and growth.

Christopher Di Grazia


Host of popular retail podcast – Retail Ramblings, Chris is in tune with the current trends impacting retail today. Chris is part of the team at Askuity, an analytics software platform that helps brands turn complex retail data into actionable insights and better business results.