7 Essential Tips for Your Go-To-Market Strategy

What’s the plan for your next promotion or product launch? Have you built a well-defined go-to-market strategy? Is it comprehensive enough? How are you going to articulate your plan, your key differentiators and why your customers should buy in?

Join Askuity as we host retail marketing consultant, Sabrina Yavil, to cover exactly what you need for a stellar go-to-market strategy.

During the 30 minute session we will discuss:

      • How to set the right objectives and how to determine the scale of the promotion
      • How to accurately define your offer and use marketing resources effectively
      • How to comprehensively evaluate your strategy

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And learn how top brands are building bulletproof go-to-market strategies

Sabrina Yavil

Retail and Marketing Consultant

Sabrina consults with CPG, health, and beauty brands on creating markting and sales strategies that deliver profit. As the former Executive Director of Global Marketing at Clinique and Director of Strategy and Planning at Bumble and Bumble, Sabrina has over 18 years of experience working with and growing beauty and CPG brands.

Sarah Adams


Sarah Adams is an avid follower of retail trends and a Marketing and Communications Manager at Askuity. With a background in marketing and public relations, Sarah has helped launch national and global brand campaigns.