2019 POS Data Study Live Panel Event

Join our live panel event as retail expert panelists, Eric Green, Phil Chang, and Kelly Kovack answer the most pressing questions uncovered in the 2019 POS Data Study.

In this 30-minute live panel, we discuss the following trends:

  • The culture of data-driven decisions
  • Who’s looking at POS Data
  • The frustrations that come with analyzing data
  • Why POS data is so critical to your business
  • Why access to data matters

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(Please note that the recording commences 10 minutes after the session began)


Kelly Kovack

CEO/Founder of BeautyMatter
Consulting and BeautyMatter.com
Co-Founder of fragrance brand Odin New York

Phil Chang

Former Target Buyer
Retail Consultant
Speaker, Writer, Strategist

Eric Green

CEO & Founder, Askuity
Former Retail Supplier

Sarah Adams

Marketing, Askuity

Key Findings From The Study

92% of brands believe they could be doing more with POS data

60% of brands said Amazon was having a significant impact on their business

Brands analyzing POS data with a purpose built tool are growing at an average rate of 14% year over year