Today is an exciting day at Askuity as we are officially launching the new, redesigned look of  Our relaunch is really the culmination of a year of amazing growth for the company, a year in which we brought on dozens of new customers across many retail verticals, launched multiple new products and features, and scaled the organization to service our growing customer base.  Whether it’s apparel, sporting goods, hardware, building materials, or food and beverage…the unifying feature of all of our customers is the common desire they all have as forward thinking brands to better manage their retail business and their retailer relationships.

It goes without saying that we at Askuity owe our success to our customers.  Of course, we like to believe that our retail analytics platform is the ultimate toolset for smart suppliers to generate actionable insights into their retail business to grow sales and improve their bottom lines.  But ultimately, what is making Askuity successful is the fact that product companies in all markets are rapidly embracing the data imperative that Askuity is enabling.

Many of our customers are new to retail analytics entirely.  Perhaps this newfound desire to make better use of retail data is being driven by a colleague joining from another company where data analytics was a well developed capability.  Perhaps the imperative is being driven by the executive ranks who see the benefits of decision-making by data rather than by hunch.  Or perhaps it’s being driven by a company’s retail buyers, who are increasingly relying on their suppliers to crunch numbers to justify their shelf space.  Askuity is an ideal solution for these types of companies as our retail-ready design and intuitive and flexible user-interface means they are able to get up and running within weeks.

At the same time, some of our customers are moving from a situation where retail analytics has been the exclusive domain of a team of analysts who have become burdened by the rising tide of data flowing from retailers.  Our customers are increasingly finding that these analysts have been spending so much time managing data that true insight-driven analysis is being given the short shrift.  Similarly, some customers have concluded that national account managers have better things to do with their time than manage point-of-sale data.  After all, you can’t focus on building your business if you’re spending all your time building spreadsheets.

The development of v2 has given us the opportunity to take stock of how far we’ve come since our launch and the impact that we’ve had on our customers.  I’ve heard it said that one of the hardest things to do in enterprise software is to get business users to actually use the software, which has been purchased and deployed at great expense and (often) organizational disruption.

When customers are telling us that in finding Askuity they feel like they’ve discovered America, we can take that as an ultimate badge of achievement in having built a solution that is delivering true, measurable business value.  Day in and day out, our customers are growing their sales, maximizing the effectiveness of their teams and boosting their bottom lines by making better use of the data that their retailer partners are sharing with them for this very purpose.

We are honored to be playing a role in transforming the supplier-retailer relationship and enabling a new level of collaboration and data-driven discourse.

We hope that our new website communicates that value half as well as our customers do.