TORONTO, ON--Askuity - Aug 15th, 2018

Askuity kicks off 2019 Point of Sale Data Study with open call for survey participants

Askuity kicks off the 2019 Point of Sale (POS) Data Study this week with the launch of its annual industry survey. The 2019 POS Data Study is the third installment of the highly regarded annual retail industry report which is set to be released in October. The 2019 report will examine the relationship between retail brands and data, with a particular focus on six main areas:

  1. How brands are using POS data today
  2. Which retail verticals are most active in analyzing POS data
  3. Aspirations for brands looking to do more with their data
  4. The impact of POS data on retailer meetings and buyer relationships
  5. Trends that are impacting brands in the retail industry
  6. Best practices for brands looking to make the most of POS data

If your brand sells products into national retailers in North America, you can participate in the study by filling out the five-minute survey here. As a thank you for their time, participants will receive a $5.00 coffee gift card upon completion of the survey. The survey closes Friday, September 7th. 

“Retail is evolving at a frenetic pace, and data and technology are at the center of this change. Only brands and retailers who embrace and capitalize on this new reality will be the winners with consumers,” says Eric Green, CEO and Co-Founder at Askuity. “The 2019 POS Data Study will capture the current pulse of the industry and provide the insights that market leaders require to stay ahead of the competition.”

Last year, the 2018 POS Data Study found that 92% of retail brands believe they can be doing more with their POS Data. The study also uncovered that brands are moving away from legacy tools such as Microsoft® Excel in an effort to improve POS reporting and analytics, while also facilitating greater collaboration with retail buyers.


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