The 2019 POS Data Study

Explore the key industry insights from the 2019 POS Data Study.

2019 POS Data Study

This report is the result of over 350 survey responses from professionals just like you who sell products into national retailers.

In this report we explore:

  • HOW the retail landscape is changing, and how POS data can drive more sales
  • WHY brands still using error-prone spreadsheets are falling behind those using purpose-built tools
  • WHO is accountable for POS data and how data-driven cultures are supporting more profitable retail relationships
  • WHAT the true cost is to staying complacent in an incredibly dynamic marketplace

We present the above results and more, explain the trends and offer a clear pathway forward in the most comprehensive POS Data Study Report we have ever completed!

How often does your team review POS reports and analyze POS data?

Daily 23%
Weekly 47%
Monthly 15%
Quarterly 5%
Annually 1%
Never 9%