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Technology is changing the world of retail. The distinction between physical and digital shopping is becoming blurred, and customers are more empowered than ever before. They’re savvy and demand a consistent and flexible shopping experience.

Nimble new players are constantly coming in and making their mark, while established brands are forced to innovate or die. Successful brands understand how modern customers are shopping and buying, and tailor their strategies to work in the new world of retail.

Above offering a unique and competitively priced product assortment, your retail success still hinges on building and maintaining a strong relationship with your buyer. 

But today’s retail buyers have changed along with the industry. Many are tech-savvy millennials, and above all else, they’re consumers too. This means that the onus is shifting to you – the vendor. As a vendor, you should be anticipating buyer expectations, and exceeding them.

As a highly requested update to last year’s Volume I of the eBook, our new eBook “10 More Things Your Buyer Hates About You” is packed with even more blunders by product vendors and actionable tips from real buyers across various industries.

Our Conversations with Buyers

We interviewed a variety of buyers from some of North America’s largest retailers, and asked them to share their views on what makes a great vendor. But the fun part was actually having buyers describe their pet peeves and some of their worst experiences with vendors.

During our discussions, buyers opened up about their recurring pains with vendors and what they absolutely can’t stand. Some of the information surfaced was quite surprising!

Learn From Others’ Mistakes

“I hate when vendors can’t be critical of their misses. If a product performs poorly, don’t give me excuses or promise that it’s going to turn around next year without any data to back up that claim. Come to me with numbers, solutions and recommendations.” – Anonymous Buyer

The eBook will show you how to leverage retail insights to get on shelf and stay on shelf, grab buyers’ attention with promotions, win at omnichannel, and much, much more. Here’s a sneak peek at the topics we cover, all based on interviews with current and former buyers across various industries:

      • The new world of retail and how to stay ahead of the curve
      • SKU optimization and how to get and stay on shelf
      • What you need to know about omnichannel retail
      • How to use e-commerce as a testing ground
      • How to leverage social media to impress buyers
      • How to win with promotions
      • Learning when to say say “no!” to your buyer
      • Using data to prove your business case
      • Grabbing a buyer’s my attention at tradeshows (the right way)
      • Using data for success in your line reviews
      • And of course, lots of pet peeves and frustrations buyers want you to avoid!

Our goal is to help you expertly navigate this exciting new world of retail, avoid common vendor mistakes, and have the best possible relationship with your buyer. Ultimately, this will empower you to maximize your brand’s retail potential.

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