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What we've heard from buyers over the years...

“I’m only going to be successful as a buyer if my vendors are smart and actually helping me.

“You‘d be surprised to learn just how rare it is for vendors to come prepared with something other than ‘we think this is going to perform really well’. Always come to the table with numbers.”

“I hate it when vendors either fill up my email or leave me too many voicemails. Don’t make your problems my problem.

I was talking to a vendor about omni-channel and he asked, ’Can we back up here? What‘s omnichannel?’ To me, that’s frustrating. How can I take him seriously now?“

“Nowadays, retailers are getting squeezed and they’re outsourcing entire departments to cut costs, but the one thing they can’t cut is a buyer. So over time, we’ve been accumulating more and more responsibility and we need vendors that help us manage the workload.