Congratulations, you’ve made it into The Home Depot! Now the hard work truly begins. Here’s a visual guide that will help you build your success at The Home Depot:

The Home Depot Infographic success

The Ultimate Guide to Selling at The Home Depot

We hope you found the infographic useful! It gives a great introduction to help you get started, but we have more resources to empower you to become the best possible partner to The Home Depot. Our team works with leading vendors and consultants across a variety of categories. With their input, we created an eBook that dives deep into the world of The Home Depot. The Ultimate Guide to Selling at The Home Depot will equip you with strategies and tips on how to get, stay, and succeed in the world’s largest home improvement retailer.

Key sections of the eBook explore the following topics in detail:

  • Best practices for merchant meetings and line reviews.
  • Expert tips on how to succeed at The Home Depot with events and training, field sales execution, in-store demos, and promotions.
  • The strategies you can leverage to master an omnichannel approach to better compete across brick-and-mortar, online, and mobile.
  • How to get your product on to The Home Depot’s shelves.
  • New ways to enhance your relationship with North America’s largest home improvement retailer.


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