Promotion Tracking: How to Get More Out of Your Promotions

The importance of properly tracking promotions, and how to use POS data to enhance that process.

Episode #10 – Wearable Retail

The use cases for wearable technology in retail is discussed at length in our Data Dive segment. We also take a step…

Webinar: The Results of the 2018 POS Data Study

Join us as we discuss key findings from the 2018 POS Data Study.

Big Data: Predictive Analytics in the Retail Industry

What is big data, how is it used today, and what does it mean for the future of the retail industry?

Episode #9 – The ‘M’ Word

The ‘M’ (Mall) word is discussed in length as we talk about how mall owners, brands and retailers are adapting to the…

Expert Answers: Beauty Retail Edition

A transcript of an expert panel discussion and Q&A on beauty retail.

Death, Taxes, and Out-of-Stocks

Out-of-stocks are inconvenient and costly. Here are some root causes of out-of-stocks and data-driven solutions.

Webinar: Ask the Experts 💄 Beauty Edition

Join an all-star panel to discuss the current trends in Health, Beauty & Cosmetics retailing and get your questions…

Episode #8 – The Ripple Effect

Everybody is a winner this week as we congratulate Retail for a strong September. We also discuss Ripple Metrics and…


All You Need to Know About Forever 21’s Riley Rose

Forever 21 is embracing the beauty category with the launch of Riley Rose. Here's what you need to know.

A Visual Guide to Building Your Success at The Home Depot®

A handy infographic that will help you succeed at The Home Depot.

3 Ways Retail Sales Data Analysis Platforms Can Help Your Business

A look at data collection and cleaning, enabling field sales reps, and planogram tracking.

Episode #7 – Beacons & Bankruptcies

Following the news of another high profile retail Bankruptcy at Toys 'R' Us, we highlight the struggling retailer as…

Episode #6 – The Art of Experience

On this week's episode of Retail Ramblings, we discuss the ramifications of Hurricane Irma for the retail industry and…

How to Negotiate Price With Your Buyer

Three tactics that will help you conduct an effective negotiation with your buyer.

Episode #5 – Beauty is Trending

A familiar face in Sears returns as our loser this week while Cloverleaf innovates on a stale store concept and…

Sell-through Rate: The Basics

A look at the basics of sell-through: what it means, how to calculate it, and various applications.

Episode #4 – Made in America

This week on Retail Ramblings, we take a look at the repercussions of a brand new industry report on consumer…

Webinar: The Ultimate Guide to Selling at The Home Depot®

Join Victor Coscarella and Krysta Landry from Askuity for a comprehensive presentation covering everything you need to…

Episode #3 – VR (Virtual Retail)

Diving into the world of retail, this week's dose of Retail Ramblings explores big news coming from Avon and The Home…

Navigating the World of Retail Vendor Portals

A comparison of vendor portal solutions from four of the biggest retailers: The Home Depot, Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Episode #2 – Retail Robots

With an in-depth look at robotics in retail, data and personalization, and how some of the world’s biggest brands are…

Webinar: Retail Promotions That Deliver Results in 2017

Join Askuity and Don Stuart of Cadent Consulting Group as we uncover the findings from this year's Marketing Spending…

Episode #1 – The First Ramble

Welcome to a brand new, exciting take on retail with Askuity’s Retail Ramblings Podcast. Whether you’re on your daily…

Webinar: Retail Account Management 101

Join Askuity as we discuss the core components of an effective retail strategy and the importance of account execution…

3 Tips to Execute Successful Trade Promotions

How to execute successful trade promotions