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Where data comes to life and profitable insights become a reality.
This is Askuity.

Cross-Retailer Reporting

Askuity automatically consolidates daily or weekly point of sale data for each of your retailers - whether coming from vendor portals, EDI feeds, or spreadsheets. Askuity’s easy-to-use platform helps to turn disparate data into actionable insights, so that you always know how your business is performing across the board.

On-Shelf Availability

With store-level visibility, Askuity indicates when and where you are out-of-stock. And with SKU-level detail, Askuity highlights the true impact of seasonality and fluctuations in the turn rate for each SKU - keeping your products on shelf where they belong.

Realize Promotional Opportunities

Askuity overlays point of sale data with your promotional activity, so it’s easy to see which promotions have provided the most lift and which regions are most engaged. Easily track your promotional ROI and learn best practices from your best promotions.

The Right Product For The Right Customer

Customer tastes vary from region to region and retailer to retailer. Askuity displays granular store and product-level detail, informing the most pressing assortment and merchandising decisions that impact your bottom line.

There’s An App For That

With an intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android, Askuity allows you to take up-to-date data with you wherever you go. Whether you’re in store or off-site, your data is always available when you need it most.

Customized Reporting Made Simple

Don’t spend hours formatting data and building complex pivot tables. Askuity automatically collects data for you, building insightful reports that cater to every business need. And with visual alerts, you can quickly see where you’re up and where you’re down.