Dashboard Filter by Retailer: To Each Their Own (Data)…

Askuity Customer Success
By Askuity Customer Success
Nov 09 2016

The Askuity Dashboard is changing and it’s going to be better than ever. Today, the dashboard provides your organization with a high level view of your total business, including all retailer data that is available. Now you will be able to filter the dashboard by retailer and pull up data that relates to your specific business.

To configure the Dashboard by retailer, click the “Retailer” drop down, add your preferred retailers and press “OK”. Each of the reports on the Dashboard will drill down to the chosen retailer(s) providing only the data you selected. The Top Ten Stores is filtered according to your selections. The Top Ten Products only includes SKUs and sales from the retailer(s) you want to see.





This is the latest improvement to Askuity that will help each user customize their own experience on the app. Save time, do more, and get results.  


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